Preparation Guide




Declutter, declutter, declutter. Less is more.

Create open spaces. Remove unnecessary furniture. Clear off countertops.

Turn all lights and lamps on. Replace burned out light bulbs with the same style and color temperature.

Open blinds, curtains and window treatments.

Remove pet beds and dishes, kennels, litterboxes, and toys.

Hide all cords, power strips, charging units, etc.



Declutter. Less is more.

Clear off countertop appliances and clutter.

Clear refrigerator of photos, magnets, notes, calendars, etc..

Straighten chairs & stools. Remove children high chairs and booster seats.

Remove items from and around the sink. Put away all dish soaps, racks, brushes, etc.

Remove trash cans, brooms, floor rugs & mats.


Living & Family Rooms

Declutter. Less is more.

Create open spaces. Remove unnecessary furniture, exercise equipment, papers, toys, etc.

Straighten and fluff couch cushions, pillows, blankets, bookshelves, remotes, etc.

Hide power cords. Unplug and remove if needed.

Remove all pet items.

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